Larry Krug, Jr.


Larry M. Krug, Jr., brings over 15 years of experience in employee benefits. His balanced background on the large national health carrier side complements his recent 8+ year run in the pharmacy benefit management industry, holding a variety of roles. Larry has worked in sales for a "Big Three PBM" and also held a sales officer role for a start-up PBM. His knowledge and background assist tremendously while helping plan sponsors navigate the rough seas of the Pharmacy Benefit Management buying cycle, flushing out pricing strategies that save his client’s money and increase plan performance.

Larry holds numerous sales awards throughout his career and has received acknowledgement from leaders of Fortune 500 companies.

He is a former U.S. Marine Corps reservist and Veteran of Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. Krug holds a B.S. degree from East Stroudsburg University, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. His passions are spending time with his family in the great state of Colorado and any outdoor activities with snow and thin air associated with it.


Kathy Davis

Director of Analytics

Kathy Davis is responsible for the administration and oversight of analytics, reporting and research to support informational, financial and client reporting. She also plays a critical role in all PBM selection, auditing, and industry analytics expertise. Kathy oversees all management of our various analytics programs and services.

Kathy has experienced a successful 10-year career in profitable small business ownership and management as well as an 18-year employment with Costco Wholesale and has held many different supervisor and management positions.  Some of her rolls included P&L preparation, inventory auditing/reporting, sales auditing/reporting, monitoring 10 million dollars in inventory, payroll, and accounts payable/receivable. 

Kathy graduated from University of Colorado, Boulder, Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, minor in business and education.


Emily Stevens

Executive Assistant to Mr. Krug and Office/HR Manager

Emily Stevens is Mr. Krug’s “right hand man”, Office Manager and HR Director. She handles scheduling and planning for Mr. Krug and the entire PharmaStrategies Executive team. Emily is the glue that keeps our team and office running efficiently, effectively, and smoothly. Emily handles all day-to-day office management and overall office operations as we continue to grow and evolve. She also manages all HR functions for the company. She is an integral member of the team and assists on all of our projects and operations both short and long term. She plays a critical role in training and developing our staff to assist members in our member services call center and web portal.

Emily attended the Culinary Academy of Arts earning Associates Culinary Degree. She began her career in Restaurant Management. She was a General Manager for a large chain of restaurants. Emily’s management style was firmly rooted in Customer Service and the overall customer experience. Her style was so successful at her store location that when a different restaurant location was struggling, the corporate leadership would send Emily to retrain and refresh the location to bring it back to profitability. Emily brings that focus and strength to the PharmaStrategies, LLC team, clients and members.

Emily and her two children live in Colorado. She enjoys reading everything and anything, hiking and baking.